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Fluffy Too UK Slot

This is a five reel, three row online slot offering twenty five paylines, and belongs to the cute and cuddly genre. The world of soft toys sets the scene for this Eyecon game, which features Free Spins and Coin Pusher bonus games, and an RTP of 95.3%. We’re proud to offer the game to you right here at UK Slot Games, where you can also play over 600 slot games, including ‘Starburst’, ‘Rainbow Riches’, ‘Fluffy Favourites’ and ‘Bonanza’.

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The first Fluffy Favourites game was such an outstanding success that it took the entire online slot world by storm. Nobody really appreciated quite how much demand there was likely to be for a slot game based on childhood themes; most developers have spent years finding new ways to pitch to the adult market, and although nostalgia comes up as a topic occasionally, nobody’s ever been quite as direct about it as Eyecon were when they released that first game back in 2006. Given the phenomenal success of the first game, a sequel was always likely, and here it is.

If you missed it first time around, or you’re new to online slots, Fluffy Too (a play on ‘Fluffy Two’) is a classic style online slot; nothing too complicated, and not too many confusing additional features; it just happens to be adorable to look at. It’s set in a world populated by stuffed toys; the kind you used to cuddle up to at night. Many of us, especially Brits, will have childhood memories of trying to win soft toys from inside glass cabinets at seaside amusement marks, and it’s that exact sense of nostalgia that this game appeals to.

The background of the game sets the action on a beach; so either the toys have gone on holiday, or we really are back in that seaside town again, trying to win those soft toys and pestering our parents for more money to have another go! A rainbow colourfully decorates the sky, and there’s a tall structure there which may or may not be a representation of the world famous Blackpool Tower overlooking the beach.

For the uninitiated, there are no standard card symbols on the reels on this game, just adorable toy animals for as far as the eye can see. Like entering Noah’s Ark, they come in pairs of values, and in ascending order they are the goldfish and the duck, which both have a maximum value of 100 coins per payline; rhino and giraffe (200), lion and tortoise (300), gorilla and panda (500), and then the pink dragon alone (dragons don’t pair up with anyone or anything outside of the Game of Thrones world), which has a maximum value of 1000. The most valuable symbol, confusingly, isn’t the dragon. It’s been superseded by a purple hippo, who pays off in multiples. If the hippo appears on your reels 2, 3, 4, or 5 times on the reels, you’ll accordingly win 10, 100, 500 or 5,000 coins; that top prize is the equivalent of 200 times your original stake.

Fans of the original will already know and love the pink elephant as the wild symbol, and it’s back again for the sequel, replacing all symbols other than the scatter, which is a coin (more on that in a moment). Any winning combination involving the pink elephant doubles in value.

Bonus Features

As we hinted at earlier on, the point of Fluffy Too is that it’s adorable to look at and easy to play; throwing a wide range of complex bonus options would spoil the simplicity of its appeals. There are two though, and both of them could have a major impact on him much money you can take from the game.


1. Free Spins: Free spins do what free spins always do; any combination of three, four or five pink elephants anywhere on the reels will award you 15, 20 or 25 free spins. Any winning combination found during a free spin trebles in value. The free spins can also re-trigger if the right number of elephants land on the reels again, and the process can repeat up to a maximum of 400 free spins. That’s a big number, and should mean big money.

2. Coin Pusher: Coin Pusher is a new feature in this game, and one of the main things that makes Fluffy Too stand out as being different from Fluffy Favourites. The original game offered you a Toy Box bonus where you had to select toys using a claw, as you would when trying to win them at an amusement arcade. The Coin Pusher bonus sticks with the concept of trying to recreate an old amusement park game, but this time it’s penny pushing; the game where you insert a coin at the top of a machine, and hope that it pushes the coins at the bottom off a ledge so you can collect them. In the online slot version that Fluffy Too offers, you merely need to make selections on the screen to choose your prize. The maximum value here is 100 times your original stake, but even if you miss out on that, you’ll still get a multiplier.

Fluffy Too Developer - Eyecon

eyecon developer logo

Anyone who knows and loves online slots will need no introduction to Eyecon Games; they’re one of the biggest names in the industry, and they have a well-earned reputation for quality. They actually started life making regular video games, which probably explains the video-game style quality and innovation that their slot games often feature during bonus rounds.

Eyecon were founded way back in 1997. They caught the world’s eye with a game called ‘Gore’, which was downloaded several million times and established them as a confident and capable name in the digital entertainment world. In 1999, they decided their future would be based around making online slots; they’d seen the way the internet was developing, and decided to get their foot in the door before almost anybody else.

They took their time to get it right, and didn’t put their first release onto the market until they were sure they had a hit on their hands. That was 2003’s ‘Temple of Isis’, which is still popular with players today. One of their key strengths has been to make games that are designed to last for a long time; instead of hopping into the latest trend, or building games around a theme that will only be popular for a year or so, they create games with the intention that they’ll have a timeless appeal, and keep players coming back year after year.

Perhaps no game has demonstrated that so well as ‘Fluffy Favourites’, which was launched in 2006. It’s the jewel of the Eyecon crown, still as popular today as it’s ever been. Over ten years later it’s still recognized as one of the most played, and most loved, online slots of all time. That makes it an obvious choice to be featured here at UK Slot Games. It also explains why you’re currently reading a review of a sequel to that game!

Eyecon have released over sixty slot games to date, and their success has seen them able to open offices in both Australia and Guernsey. Whilst online slots are the focus of their business, they also have roulette and bingo titles on the market, too. Amazingly, Eyecon slot games receive more than six billion spins every year. That’s almost 11,500 a minute!

The Fluffy Favourites franchise, which has arguably become the jewel in Eyecon’s crown, is of tremendous importance to them. Their excitement about the games comes through every time they make any statement about it, such as this description of Fluffy Too from their website:- “As you may know, Fluffy Favourites Slots is one of the most popular online slot games around. And now you can enjoy the sequel just as much!

Fluffy Too Slots is full of the cutest and most cuddly animals just like the original, and it has a nostalgic and fun fairground background theme. There are FREE spins and multipliers, as well as an incredible jackpot to be won! Fluffy Too Slots is simply irresistible, so start spinning today. Don’t miss another minute! Good luck!”

The sheer number of exclamation marks there just screams excitement, and it’s well justified. If you owned the company behind Fluffy Favourites and you saw how well it was performing for you, you’d be excited too!

Related UK Slot Games

As it’s not the only game in the Fluffy Favourites franchise, there are of course several related games to Fluffy Too. It’s part of a whole family of Fluffy-inspired games by Eyecon, and we can only imagine that family growing larger in the future. The games include the first game, a sequel beyond this one, and some jackpot variants of all three games. Here’s the detailed breakdown for you.

Fluffy Favourites

The original game in the series, and an iconic legend in the land of slot games. When this game was released, it was considered to be close to slot game perfection. It’s still full of charm and joy, and with its gentle volatility and 95.3% RTP it still attracts plenty of regular players, even though more modern takes on the formula are now available. One of the key differences between the original and the later games, other than the vastly improved animation and sound, is the bonus features; instead of the Coin Pusher mode that Fluffy Too offers, there’s a Toy Box feature instead, re-creating the process of trying to grab a soft toy from a glass booth using a claw. Anyone who went to a British seaside when they were a child will know exactly what we mean!

Fluffy Favourites Fairground

The third game in the series takes all of the essential ingredients that people love about the first two games, and gives them a polish and an update. We’re moving away from the circus to the fairground, as the name suggests, and all of our favourite toys have had an update to their animation as they’ve made the journey. Part of the charm of the original two games was their hand-drawn feel, which evoked memories of watching cartoons. ‘Fluffy Favourites’ Fairground’ is both 3D and HD, which makes for a sharper look on modern screens. The ‘prize pick’ feature has been updated and tweaked again; the 100x prize multiplier is still on offer, but this time landing it depends on finding three ‘big tent’ symbols, and playing a bonus round based around the fairground classic ‘hook a duck’, which may remind you of happy summers you spent as a child. Oh, and of course your favourite pink elephant is still here to bring you free spins as well!

Fluffy Fairground Jackpot: A “jackpot” version of the ‘Fluffy Favourites Fairground’ game.*

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot: A “jackpot” version of the original ‘Fluffy Favourites’ game.*

Fluffy Too Jackpot: A “jackpot” version of the second ‘Fluffy Favourites’ game.*

*In “Jackpot” titles, the maximum prize available within the game is increased to £25,000, although precise amounts may vary.  

Fluffy Favourites Instant

This is a different type of take on the ‘Fluffy Favourites’ franchise. It’s also made by a different company; in this case, Instant Win Gaming as opposed to Eyecon. If you’re not familiar with the concept of ‘Instant’ games, it’s essentially a scratchcard game turned into a slot game experience In the case of ‘Fluffy Favourites Instant’, it takes the theme, the feel, and many of the adorable characters from the Fluffy Favourite world, and puts them behind a cover for you to scratch off. Three games are playable once you’ve selected your stake amount; the first is a basic game of finding three matching symbols to win a prize, the second requires you to find two matching symbols in a row to win the displayed prize, and the third is all about finding one lucky symbol anywhere on the screen.

Fluffy Favourites Bonus

Another game in the series that was made by Instant Win Gaming as opposed to Eyecon, and another fresh take on the online slot experience. If you’ve ever played ‘Tetris’ - and who hasn’t? - then you’ll intuitively know how to play this game already. Play takes place on a 9x6 grid full of the adorable animals from the Fluffy Favourites game world. All you have to do is find five or more matching animals to win a prize. Once you’ve matched them up, they’ll vanish from the grid, and more animals will take their place (exactly like making lines on Tetris!). You just carry on matching them up until there are no more left to match. The more matches you make, the more points you get. And what do points make? Prizes! It’s worth noting that not all of the animals are worth the same in this game; fifteen purple hippos will net you 10,000 times your initial stake, for example, whereas fifteen yellow ducks only get you fifty times your stake. That’s still a good multiplier! There are a few bonus games thrown in for good measure, including the kind of ‘prize picker’ rounds that make ‘Fluffy Too’ so popular in the first place.

Similar Games

When ‘Fluffy Favourites’ became a huge hit, the entire gaming industry sat up and take note. There may not have been many games themed around the ‘cute’ genre before; perhaps because the developers didn’t think it would appeal to adults; but they were wrong. In any event, there have been several games made since that have a few things in common with the Fluffy Too game world, but are either made by completely different development teams, or have nothing to do with the Fluffy Favourites franchise whatsoever. Here are just a few of them.

Big Top: Big, bright, bold colours? Check. Adorable animals on the reels? Check. A circus or fairground setting? Check. ‘Big Top’ may have a lot of the same dressing as ‘Fluffy Too’, but it confines itself to staying in the circus tent itself instead of venturing into the fairground outside. That’s why the animals on the reels are joined by circus clowns, and the animals themselves are performing tricks. There’s even a lion in a top hat! Who let him be ringmaster? This game was made by Microgaming, and it’s one of their older titles. That age shows, even though it’s still fun to play. There’s no background music at all, barely any animation even when a winning line is found, and a one dimensional graphical style. It’s a fun game that’s easy to understand and easy to play, but doesn’t offer any bonus games other than a few multipliers.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

NextGen Online have made something that feels a little closer to ‘Fluffy Too’ in ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’. The visuals are just as adorable and soft, and if you ignored the title this could be mistaken in look and style to a ‘Fluffy Favourites’ game. They’ve just moved the animals away from the fairground and taken them out on a picnic for the day. In an interesting theme, the teddy bears have lost all the items they need for their picnic, and if you can find their food and cutlery they’ll pay you quite handsomely for them! There are a few bear-themed bonuses, too; scattered picnic basket symbols can pay out up to 100 times your bet if you find them in the right combination, and there are even some missing bears to find, too! This is a non-traditional online slot in that it doesn’t offer free spins or a ‘prize picker’. It’s the ‘prize picker’ aspect of ‘Fluffy Too’ that really makes it stand out.

Wolf Cub

We don’t usually think of wolves as being cute, but that perception completely changes the moment you load up ‘Wolf Cub’. These adorable baby wolves would never bite you; would they? This is a wintry, and perhaps even almost Christmassy, game which features fluffy wolves out in the snow, needing your help. Unlike ‘Fluffy Too’ there’s only one type of animal on the reels here, but if you like wolves and huskies we doubt you’ll mind. This is a NetEnt game; yet another developer who’ve seen the success of ‘cute and fluffy’ games and decided to join in. There are free spins, bonus games, wilds and scatters; all the mechanics of a traditional slot are here for you to enjoy. Sadly no pink elephants though!


Somewhere between ‘Space Invaders’ and ‘Fluffy Too’ lives ‘Furballs’. The creatures within the game haven’t been drawn with the same level of charm or lovability as the Fluffy Favourites gang have, but they’re an undeniably cute and endearing bunch; and there are a lot of them! This is a crisp, clean, sharp and simple game that won’t win any awards for stunning design, but the minimalistic layout means it’s easy to play on mobile formats. There’s a free spins bonus feature, which is what you’d expect as a minimum, and also ‘energy ball’, ‘lightning ball’ and ‘virus ball’ wilds which is where the ‘Space Invaders’ comparison comes from. Find one of these balls and they’ll have an effect on the furballs around them, either changing their colour or destroying them completely. That could make it easier for you to find winning lines, or it could make it harder. This is a Core Gaming slot game, which isn’t as innovative or immersive as ‘Fluffy Too’, but has a definite appeal of its own.

Jurassic Juniors

What if the fluffy favourites in the ‘Fluffy Too’ game weren’t actually cute stuffed toys? What if they were cute baby dinosaurs instead? That’s the major difference between ‘Fluffy Too’ and this title. If you remember the sitcom ‘Dinosaurs’ from the 1990s you’ll immediately see where this online slot got its inspiration from; right down to the dinosaurs in nappies! The adult dinosaur on the reels is the wild, matching with any of its children to create winning lines. The egg is a scatter, and can bring you free spins. Is it as in-depth or expansive in terms of bonuses as ‘Fluffy Too’? No, but it’s still a fun game to play, and cute to look at!

Mobile vs Laptop Gameplay

Eyecon are a company with one eye on the future; they know that mobile gaming is only going to increase as a percentage share of the market as time goes on, and they’re ready to move with that trend. They do an exceptionally good job of adapting their games for the mobile format, and Fluffy Too is yet another example of that.

Nothing has been lost in the move from the desktop or laptop to the smartphone or tablet version. The graphics are of the same quality, the sounds are still there, and the features are unaffected. The only difference between playing on a computer or on your phone is that you’re using your finger to do it.

The game is even aware of whether you’ve viewing it in landscape or portrait mode when you load it up, and if you change the perspective, it will adapt itself accordingly. Instead of shrinking the play area or the buttons, it moves them to a different area of the screen, making sure they’re always accessible, and the play area is always in focus and clear. As an added bonus, you get a much better view of the scenery when playing on a hand-held device, because of the way the screen ratio works. That means that we can now quite clearly see that the tower in the background is definitely supposed to be Blackpool Tower, and there’s a much better look at Blackpool’s beach, and the fairground down the road. The game makes a great advert for Blackpool’s tourist board!

Latest Fluffy Too News

Fluffy Too, and the entire Fluffy Favourites franchise, are big news within the gaming industry. Because of that, they often find themselves in both the mainstream press and the gambling press. Not all of that attention is positive; when you’re on a pedestal, people tend to throw stones at you.

There are positives too; Fluffy Too and the franchise it belongs to have been such a runaway success that Eyecon became very desirable to investors. Playtech decided to spend £50m on acquiring them and having them as an in-house brand. The news is seen as part of Playtech’s plans to expand into the online gaming world and further develop their technology capabilities. ‘Fluffy Favourites’ is considered such an important asset from the Eyecon range that it’s the only one of their online slots to be mentioned by name in the article!

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