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Do Slot Machines Get Reset?

Do Slot Machines Get Reset?

We've all heard the rumours, and maybe some have even seen the occasional slot machine shut down for maintenance, but have you ever stopped to wonder why that happens? 

Well, in this UK Slot Games blog post, we'll not only answer the age-old question of whether or not slot machines get reset, but we'll also explore the reasons behind it and demystify the inner workings of these enticing machines. 

Do Slot Machines Get Reset? 

When we talk about a slot machine being "reset", it generally means that the machine's software has most likely been cleared or wiped clean, effectively erasing all previous data, such as game history and player preferences. Casinos often do this process to address any technical issues, update the machine's software, or even bring the device back to its default settings. 

But, you may be wondering, why can't the casino simply fix the technical issues or perform software updates without resetting the machine? The answer is that while making these types of updates without resetting the machine is possible, it's often easier and more efficient to simply reset the machine.

Why Do Casinos Reset Slot Machines? 

There are several reasons why casinos may reset slot machines. Here are some of the most common ones: 

Technical Issues 

Like any other electronic device, slot machines can experience technical issues affecting their performance. These issues can range from simple software glitches to more severe hardware problems. In such cases, the machine may need to be reset to fix the problem and restore its functionality. 


Slot machines are often updated with new software to enhance their performance and provide players with a better gaming experience. These updates can potentially include new mobile games, better graphics, and improved functionality. 

Additionally, online slot machines are run by a computer programme known as a Random Number Generator (RNG), which is responsible for determining the outcome of each spin. This computer programme sometimes needs regular updates. Therefore, if a machine is updated, it may need to reset to apply the changes and restart the system.

To Ensure Consistent Randomness

If the RNG chip is not serviced regularly over time, it could become compromised, potentially resulting in less-than-random results. In such cases, the machine may need to be reset to restore its randomness and ensure fair play for players. 

That is especially important in regulated markets, where the integrity of the game is crucial.

What Happens When A Slot Machine Resets?

The reset returns the machine to its default settings and can sometimes erase all data, and this could include the RNG seed. The RNG seed is a starting point for the RNG algorithm, and it's used to generate each outcome independently. When the seed is reset, the RNG starts over and generates a new sequence of numbers.

However, the session will typically resume where it left off if a reset occurs during gameplay. If the session can't be recovered, the staff are usually able to restore the game to its previous state. Other than that, nothing really changes because of the RNG. The RNG is random and generates each outcome independently, so a reset won't affect the potential payout.


In conclusion, slot machines can and do occasionally get reset, and it's a common practice in the casino industry. This process is often done to address any technical issues, update the software, bring the machine back to default settings, or improve the player experience. 

The next time you encounter a reset slot machine, try to keep in mind that this process is simply part of the upkeep and maintenance of the machine, and that it's being done to ensure that you have a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.