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Can You Cash In Old Casino Chips?

Can You Cash In Old Casino Chips?

Turning in older casino chips is indeed feasible, but it is contingent on several factors. Just as every casino operates with its own set of rules, these rules also extend to the acceptance of old chips. Therefore, before you make the journey to the casino, it's advisable to verify their specific policy on this matter. 

Some establishments may only honour chips that have been issued by their own casino, meaning you won't be able to exchange old chips from other establishments. If you're uncertain about the policy, it's always safer to return your chips to the casino from which they were originally received. 

Note: Always be aware that casino chips come with an expiration date. Attempting to cash in your old chips after they've expired could result in difficulties. 

Can You Cash Casino Chips In Later?

Casino chips are not like a regular currency that remains valid indefinitely. They come with an expiry date, typically around five years. If you've held onto your chips for longer, you may encounter difficulties when trying to turn them in. Always remember to check the expiration date of your casino chips before attempting to cash them in. 

However, some casinos may still honour expired chips by replacing them with new ones. So, if you've accidentally taken home some casino chips, even if they've expired, it's worth trying to return them as the casino may still honour them. However, this isn't guaranteed. 

How Long Are Casino Chips Good For?

As stated earlier, casino chips typically come with an expiration date, which is usually around five years. This means that if your chips are from a casino that has been closed for more than five years, you may encounter problems when trying to cash them in. 

Always check the expiration date of the casino chips. Many casinos will not accept chips that have expired. Additionally, some casinos may require proof of ownership for cashed-in chips. 

It's also important to remember that the value of chips can fluctuate. A chip that was worth £5 a decade ago might be worth less today. 

Can Casino Chips Be Cashed In By Mail?

Unfortunately, mailing your casino chips for cashing in is typically not an option. Most casinos require the physical presence of the individual for the transaction. This means you can usually only cash in old chips at the casino where they were originally obtained. 

Remember to always check the casino's policies and procedures on exchanging and redeeming old chips, as they may vary slightly depending on the establishment. 


While it's possible to cash in old casino chips, there are a few things to keep in mind. Always remember to check the expiry date and the casino's specific policy on old chips. Moreover, understand that the value of chips can change over time. 

Lastly, some casinos only accept chips from their establishment. Therefore, if you have chips from another casino, you may not be able to cash them in.