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Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix uk slot game

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix UK Slot

A popular online slot sequel from Barcrest with five reels, three rows, an RTP of between 94% and 98% dependent upon your own choices, 30 paylines and a staggering six bonuses. The theme is boldly and colorfully Irish, and the maximum jackpot is 500x your initial stake. We’re happy to host Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix right here at UK Slot Games, where you can also play over 600 slot games, including ‘Starburst’, ‘Rainbow Riches’, ‘Fluffy Favourites’ and ‘Bonanza’.

Unless you’re a newcomer to the world of online slots, you’ve heard of the Rainbow Riches franchise. It’s a legend within the online slot world, and one that’s spawned an entire family of games featuring the same themes and characters. For a lot of people, the Rainbow Riches family is the start and end of their slot gaming experience; they simply don’t play anything else, because they love this series so much.

If you are a newcomer, though, then this is what to expect. This game is themed around the myths and folklore of rural Ireland, and it’s proud of it. That means you can expect to see leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold, the green and red of Mayo, and everything else you can stereotypically associate with the Emerald Isle. There’s nothing subtle about it; everything is vividly colourful, as if St. Patrick’s Day somehow turned into a party based around slot gaming. The theme may be ‘Irish’, but the overall atmosphere the game provides above all else is fun.

Unlike the original game, you won’t see a rainbow in the background, although the rolling green hills of the country are still present, as is the gold framing on the reels. What looks a lot like a yellow brick road winds its way through the background behind the reels, giving things a slight ‘Wizard of Oz’ twist. The playing area obscures a lot more of the background than you might be used to; although we don’t imagine many people play online slots to look at the scenery.

This game is very openly all about the bonuses, of which there are lots. The base game is deliberately kept simple because of that. When we say ‘simple’, we mean there are barely any symbols on the reels at all! All you’ll find here are the playing cards running from 10 through A as the lower values, and above that a large gold coin, which is the wild, and substitutes for everything other than the bonus symbols. ‘What are bonus symbols?’ We hear you say, and we’re glad you asked.

You can select your bonus symbols before the game starts, and that selection will dictate which bonus modes will be active when you play your game. That’s where the ‘pick n mix’ part of the title comes from. To give you a full understanding of them, we should probably discuss the bonus features in full detail.

Bonus Features

This game is all about the bonuses. If you’re looking for a more ‘traditional’ gaming experience, you may prefer the original Rainbow Riches slot. There isn’t much to be won from the base game here; it’s all about triggering bonuses and making them work in your favour.

Before the game begins, you’ll be asked to select which bonus features you want to include in your game, by making a choice of up to three of five bonus symbols. They comprise of a close-up leprechaun face, a pot of gold, a ‘free spins’ icon, a leprechaun figure, and a toadstool. The fewer symbols you choose, the more chance you have of that particular feature being triggered. You’re free to play with only one if you wish. A nice additional touch is that at any point, you can click the ‘reset bonus’ button and make another selection. That keeps the game from becoming boring.

Your selected bonuses will trigger when you land three or four of them as scatters during your game. Land five of them and you win the jackpot of 500x your stake; except for the free spins bonus, which just gets you more free spins. Let’s look at the individual bonus modes.

1. Road to Riches: Road to Riches will be familiar to anybody who’s played the original Rainbow Riches game. It works exactly the same way here, too. A group of three or four of the close-up leprechauns will take you to a classic ‘wheel of fortune’ screen, where you spin a wheel to add multipliers to your game. Each number you land on between one and six will take you further up a yellow brick road, and the further you go, the higher the multiplier is. The game ends when you land on.

2. Cash Crop: Cash Crop mode starts when you land three or four of the leprechaun figures. That will take you through to a different screen, where you’ll be confronted with fifty coins, all of which are spinning. As they slow down and stop, they’ll reveal multipliers and cash rewards. Once you’ve collected all of those, you get the chance to go again! A larger coin will appear, offering you a 50/50 chance of ‘collect’ or ‘go on’. ‘Collect’ ends the round as you’d expect it to. ‘Go on’ allows you to repeat the process up to three times, with higher prizes available each time.

3. Magic Toadstool: Magic Toadstool is triggered by the toadstool, as you’d probably worked out already. Land three or four of these, and yet another new screen will appear. This time you can make a selection of three toadstools from the range of twenty four you’re offered. Each one will give you either a multiplier or release a magic fairy (another character who’ll be familiar to fans of the original game). If you find a fairy, she’ll award you another three toadstools as a prize.

4.Posts of Gold: Pots of Gold is, unsurprisingly, triggered by getting three or four of the pots of gold to appear on your reels. The pots will then begin to fly across the playing area; one will be selected at random, and reveal a multiplier of your line bet. That can be high or low.

5. Free Spins: Free Spins does what free spins rounds do in almost any online slot; offer you spins that don’t come out of your pot. Landing three, four or five of the symbols on the first, third and fifth reels will result in an award of ten, twenty or thirty free spins. As an added bonus, the Free Spins symbol stacks on the first reel for the duration of the spins and acts as a wild; and the free spins can re-trigger as the round progresses. In theory, it could go on forever.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s actually yet another bonus mode within this game! The Big Bet Game is one that’s strictly for high rollers. It allows you to take a shortcut to the bonus games - if you’re willing to pay. The purple button on the screen will take you through to big bet mode, where the three bonuses you’ve selected are displayed on a wheel. You can choose which of the wheels to spin. Land in the rainbow section and your bonus mode is activated. Land in the green section and you’ll receive five three spins. The larger your stake, the larger the rainbow area is, and therefore the more chance you have of triggering the bonus.

It’s this mode that offers the higher RTP. In Big Bet mode, the RTP is 98%. Stakes of more than one credit have an RTP of 96%, and one credit or less comes in at 94%. When you play this version of Rainbow Riches, the best chance of high reward comes with high risk.

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix Developer - Barcrest

Barcrest developer logo

By this point, ‘Barcrest’ just exists as a brand name. They were long since bought out by SG Gaming, who own and operate all the Barcrest titles, and still use the name occasionally when they’re launching games with the traditional market in mind.

The history of Barcrest can be traced all the way back to 1968. Over the course of the decade that followed, they arguably established themselves as the biggest physical slot games manufacturer in Europe, supplying bars and casinos across the UK and the continent. When times changed, and it became clear that the future of slot gaming was online, Barcrest changed with the times and struck gold with the launch of the original Rainbow Riches back in 2006. Five years later, they were acquired by the Scientific Games Corporation, who are now more commonly known as SG Gaming, and could be more accurately described as a union between Barcrest and another gaming firm called The Global Draw. Many of the strategy and design staff from Barcrest were kept on, meaning the same talent pool could be called upon to make new games.

SG Gaming is now a huge company, comprising of over 500 full time staff split across offices in Manchester and London. They manufacture both hardware and software, combining terminals and content with systems and support, and in that way consider themselves to be a ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to online slots and physical slots to all of their customers.

You can tell from the sheer number of exclamation points how happy they are about the game. Every time they release a Rainbow Riches sequel, they make money. This game has been every bit as successful for them as all the others.

Related UK Slot Games

As we’ve said already, this game belongs to a whole family of games which dates all the way back to the release of the original in 2006. Every game in the Rainbow Riches franchise has been made by Barcrest either alone, or in partnership with SG following on from their takeover. Here are the big hitters from within that family.

Rainbow Riches

The game that started it all is one of the few online slots that’s lasted from almost the dawn of the concept. Most titles that were released more than ten years ago have seen their appeal fade as time has gone on, but Rainbow Riches isn’t like most slots. It was light years ahead of its time in terms of its bonus rounds; particularly the ‘Road to Riches’ bonus which still appears in most of the sequels. With an RTP of 95%, 20 paylines and a charm that’s defied the years, the original is still definitely well worth a look.

Rainbow Riches Leapin’ Leprechauns

This isn’t, strictly speaking, a slot game at all. It’s closer to a video game which you can win money from, using the look, feel and characters of the Rainbow Riches world to appeal to existing Rainbow Riches players. Each bet gives you five jumps; you can think of them as spins; which allow your on-screen leprechaun to move from one platform to the next, collecting rewards as he goes and trying to avoid objects which will end the game. It’s like an old-school platform game with money on the line.

Rainbow Riches Reels Slots of Gold

Rainbow Riches Reels Slots of Gold UK Slot Game

There were no sequels to the original Rainbow Riches for ten years, and then three appeared in 2016! Slots of Gold was one of them. This variation of the game offers 100 paylines, split over two sets of five reels, which makes for a packed-out playing area. A staggering seven separate bonus features are on offer, along with the Big Bet feature that first appeared in Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix. As well as looking out for a leprechaun, you’ll also want to attract the attention of a purple fairy, who can offer you multipliers, free spins, or the changing of standard symbols into wilds. Those are some useful magic powers when it comes to trying to find a win! This is probably the closest of the sequels to Pick N Mix; the RTP of 94% to 98% works the same way it does here, and the Big Bet feature is present, too.

Rainbow Riches Free Spins

If Pick N Mix made the Rainbow Riches series more complicated than it used to be, this 2017 sequel looks to make them simple again. Rainbow Riches Free Spins offers exactly what it sounds like it should offer; a heavy focus on free spins. In fact, in this version of the game, they’re the only bonus feature the game offers at all! You’re awarded more and more free spins depending on how many of the free spin bonus symbols you can find, and extra bonuses found during those free spins add to your tally, up to a maximum of 999 free spins. You should be able to find a few wins if you max that out! There are only ten paylines, but with fewer symbols and so many spins they should be easy enough to find. This feels very stripped back compared to the other games. For some people, the bonuses are the charm of the series, and this game takes them away.

Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours

Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours UK Slot Game

This was a 2018 offering in the Rainbow Riches series, and definitely looks to take the game back to basics. It’s best described as a modernising of the original game, with the Big Bet feature added on, and the graphics brought into the modern era. The magic fairy from Slots of Gold is the central bonus feature here alongside the Big Bet; she’ll transform into a random symbol to boost your chances of a win. This time, the Big Bet offers bonuses of £10-£50 depending on what symbols you have on screen when it’s activated, and your stake. As always, it boosts the RTP up to 98%. This game offers higher payouts than Pick N Mix, but fewer features.

Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold

rainbow riches drops of gold UK Slot Game

Another 2018 offering, and another attempt to make the game into something more complex and layered. This game takes the standard five reel, three row format and adds a churning rainbow world of wilds above it, taking the form of gold and silver pots. Land a pot of gold symbol anywhere on the fifth reel and all the pots in the lower section of the rainbow will drop onto the reels and become wilds, which should mean wins for the player. Add in the free spins and the Big Bet feature which we’ve now come to expect as standard, and this is a unique game in the series. If you love the bonus-heavy content of Pick N Mix, you’ll probably love this too.

Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home

Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home UK Slot Game

Welcome the newest member of the Rainbow Riches family, which arrived in late 2018. With this title, Rainbow Riches finally moves away from five reels and three rows into a five-by-five game, offering up fifty paylines and a maximum bet of £500 per spin. Above the reels are wooden doors full of wilds; find a leprechaun on row one and he’ll open up one of those doors for you, pouring the wilds onto your reels. Free Spins and Big Bet are back again as standard components of the game, with an RTP of 94% up to 97.75% depending upon your stake and the bonus features. This is a cross between Drops of Gold and Fortune Favours.

Similar Games

SG Gaming certainly don’t own a monopoly on Irish themed slots, even if they do have a prolific output! Rainbow Riches is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best known and most loved of the Irish themed slot games. There are some other solid titles in the field though, put together by other developers. Here are those which we consider to be most notable. Because they’re notable, we offer them to players here at UK Slot Games, too!

Irish Luck

There are actually two different online slots named ‘Irish Luck’, but the better known one is probably the Eyecon offering. It uses much of the same imagery as Rainbow Riches, but throws in a few pints of beer onto the symbols just to add to the Irish stereotypes it’s already dealing with! There’s even a fairy who can bless the reels and alter the symbols, which will be very familiar to Rainbow Riches fans. With its five reel format and rainbow background, this looks very, very similar to Rainbow Riches. But then if something isn’t broken, why fix it?

Leprechaun Song

Leprechaun Song UK Slot Game

Pragmatic Play are a major force within the gaming industry, and they’re certainly not going to let Rainbow Riches go unchallenged! This is a smooth, slick and colourful online slot, taking all the window dressing of the early Rainbow Riches games, but adding better quality animation and a jaunty Irish soundtrack. There are some innovative bonus modes available to keep the game interesting, and an RTP of 96.46% is never to be sniffed at. We honestly couldn’t say whether this is better than any of the Rainbow Riches games. Why not try both and find out?

Irish Eyes 2

NextGen aren’t going to be left out of the Irish legends genre, either. This is another pretty game which takes on the Irish theme, and also adds some beautiful women to the reels to keep the male players interested. We don’t know if it does the same thing for the women. Pots of gold are what you want to see on the reels; so if you’ve played a Rainbow Riches game you already know what you’re doing here. The bonus modes are free spins, and a gamble feature that enables you to wager the total of your previous winnings. The RTP is a decent 95.04%, but it just doesn’t have the depth of features that attract so many people to the Rainbow Riches franchise.

Gameplay On Mobile vs Laptop

You would hope that any game released in 2016 would be perfectly playable on a tablet or smartphone. Here’s the good news; Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix plays just fine. In fact, it’s the same game. Nothing has been lost at all, the buttons are all in the same place, the graphics are exactly the same, and the soundtrack is exactly the same. You shouldn’t notice any difference whatsoever in the gaming experience other than the size of the screen. They’ve even kept the ratio of playing area to background the same.

The only slight annoyance is the fact that the game forces you to play in landscape mode. Most developers have coded their games to play either way round; in fact, most Pragmatic Play titles seem to play better in portrait. We have no real objection to playing in landscape mode, as you get more screen area that way, but we’d prefer to have the choice. If you do flip your phone the right way up, the game will stop working, and an animation will remind you to turn it back around if you want to carry on.

Mobile vs Laptop Gameplay

There are many titles in the Rainbow Riches franchise, which you’ll know if you’ve read this far, and so not every single one of them gets press attention all the time. The family of games is written about quite frequently, but the individual games get less column inches alone. Also, because newer games have been released in the series since Pick N Mix, those more recent releases are more likely to be written about in the here and now. That doesn’t mean nobody has anything to say at all, though.

Why Is UK Slot Games The Best Place To Play Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix?

If you were already a Rainbow Riches fan, you probably don’t need us to persuade you to play Pick N Mix at all; you’ll know exactly how good the game is likely to be, and you’re probably eager to give it a try. If you are new to the series, we hope we’ve given you a feeling for how great the game is. Traditionalists may not love it, but for most people bonuses are the best part of a good online slot, and this game has lots to offer!

If you’d like to play Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix, then we want you to stay exactly where you are, and play it here with us on ukslotgames.com.

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